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3933 Exterior.jpg

     3933 4th Ave S. (leased)

Avondale Turn, LLC is the developer of 39 modern craftsman bungalow homes and small professional offices in the thriving Forest Park/South Avondale neighborhood, one mile east of UAB med school in Birmingham, AL.
In February, 2018 our first traunch of renovated homes was sold to local real estate company H2 Real Estate. We are now building another portfolio in S. Avondale and Woodlawn, and continue to seek community-building redevelopment projects in the area.
We have built a stellar reputation for providing our tenants with exemplary accommodation and service. Each home has hardwood floors; typical features of the homes include high efficiency HVAC, high-end finishes, fenced yards, decks, and great porches for this walking, cosmopolitan neighborhood.
Avondale Turn, LLC has been providing quality single-family housing in South Avondale since 1996.


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3933 Exterior.jpg
House at 3731 5th Ave.  S.
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